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April 2020 Staff eBook and eAudiobook Picks

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 12:17pm -- Caitlin

Although our physical building is closed, Bedford Public Library staff are still excited to share their favorite recent reads with you! All of these titles are available through CloudLibrary, Hoopla, or Overdrive--I've noted where you can find each one at the end of the review.

The easiest way to get them is to download the free apps for each (Overdrive's app is called Libby). You'll need your library card and password to log in. If your library account has an email account linked to it, you can reset the password yourself. You can also call the library at 472-2300 and leave a message and we'll respond, or email us at

Sue's Picks


Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay

If you were a fan of the Ocean’s 11 franchise, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.  Master thief Riley Wolfe is devising an elaborate scheme to steal the Iranian Crown Jewels, specifically the Ocean of Light, worth billions of dollars.  It is guarded by the Revolutionary Guard, a group of former Navy Seals and all the high tech security the family owned Eberhardt Museum can amass.  

Riley is a parkour aficionado, (that is he races and jump over rooftops), an ace at disguises and not afraid to kill if he needs to.  You will meet Monique, an art forger who is naturally beautiful as well as talented.  What would a crime story be without an FBI detective, Frank Delgado, hot on his trail?  Delgado searches Riley’s history to find out how and why he became such an accomplished thief.

This page turner will thoroughly entertain you.  Jeff Lindsay is the author behind the Dexter series on Showtime so he knows how to keep a story moving.  

Available as an eBook from CloudLibrary


The Holdout by Graham Moore

As an absolute fan of this author, I was very excited to read The Holdout.  Inspired by the author’s time spent on a jury several years ago, Moore weaves a timely tale touching on race, economics and the press.  The story begins with a murder trial being won by defense attorney Maya Seale.  She is immediately approached by a former co-juror who is arranging a ten anniversary expose of the murder trial of 15 year old Jessica Silver where the accused was found innocent and let go.  Rick Leonard is convinced Robert Nock, Jessica’s former teacher, had in fact murdered the girl and should never had been set free.

The story alternates between the past, as we meet each of the jurors and learn more about them and their back stories and the present that gets deliciously complicated.  We find that Maya and Rick had a relationship during the trial ten years ago.   He has written a book severely criticizing her as she was the Holdout for Nock’s innocence.  They meet prior to the filming of the anniversary show where Rick claims he has new information to reveal.  The couple argues, she leaves the room and finds him dead upon her return.  

Although I enjoyed The Last Days of Night more, The Holdout is a well written, fast paced, enjoyable read.
Available as an eBook from CloudLibrary


Diana's Picks

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

In the gripping audiobook version of The Girl on the Train three British narrators voice the three main female protagonists, each fully inhabiting her character and immersing the listener in modern London. Rachel's life has fallen apart and her only enjoyment is in riding the train every day and observing a happy couple living just down the street from her former home. When the woman she watches disappears, Rachel finds herself and her foggy memory wrapped up in the investigation. An unreliable narrator, flawed yet sympathetic, Rachel gets in her own way as she searches for answers while not knowing who to trust.

Available as eBook from CloudLibrary, Overdrive, and Hoopla; available as an audiobook from Overdrive


How To by Randall Munroe

Former NASA roboticist and creator of the webcomic xkcd, Randall Munroe examines the absurd ways one could theoretically complete a variety of tasks. From the feasibility of lava moats to the logistics of a never-ending game of tag, How To puts forth a witty approach to solving these problems. Comics, graphs and diagrams in Munroe's signature artistic style accompany scientific equations and thorough explanations of the methods needed.

Available as an eBook from CloudLibrary


Angela's Picks

Lumberjanes (Series)

Five girls at Miss Qiunzilla Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's camp for hard-core lady-types become best friends as they fight river monsters and prevent petulant gods from taking over the world. The art is bright, the characters fun, the story lively and action-packed. This comic--written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis, and illustrated by Brooklyn Allen--has everything I would've loved to see as a kid. A great read for young graphic novel fans.

Available as eBooks on Hoopla. Volume one is one of the "bonus borrows" Hoopla is currently offering, which doesn't count against your monthly borrow limit.


Harry Potter Audiobooks

In stressful times it's comforting to return to told favorites. So, this is the perfect time to revisit Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling's exciting, compelling, and beautifully written fantasy series about the orphaned boy who discovers he's a wizard, goes to a magical school, and defeats a fearsome dark wizard. Jim Dale's warm narration in the audiobook version brings Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, to life as they spend their school days in Hogwarts and manage to save the wizarding world from evil before the end of each term.

Available as eAudiobooks from CloudLibrary and Overdrive


Diane's Pick

Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

On the same night her mother abandons her family 16 year old Cassie Hanwell suffers a second traumatic misfortune. For her these events are forever connected and form the woman she will become: tough, independent and distrustful of love. She chooses a career that exemplifies this fierceness: firefighting. And she's good at it, which her progressive, modern Austin fire department acknowledges proudly. On the night she is to receive an award her past comes back in one stunning moment. This, combined with the news her mother is ill forces Cassie to transfer to Boston, where the decrepit station has plenty of skeptics. Tension mounts when she receives threatening messages from within the department. Is it the rookie, who appears to be the only one on her side, or the captain who made it clear from day one he did not want a female in his "house"? Things You Save in a Fire is a heartwarming triumph about healing, forgiveness and above all, love. From Katherine Center, the New York Times-bestselling author of 'How to Walk Away'.

 Available as an eBook and eAudiobook from CloudLibrary


Leah's Pick

Title: Penric’s Demon (Book 1 of the Penric and Desdemona series) by Lois McMaster Bujold

Penric’s Demon is the enchanting first book in a series of fantasy novellas.  This is a story of a young man who, on the day of his betrothal, comes across an older woman dying on the road after an accident.  With her death, Penric is gifted a power that will change the course of his life.  This four-hour audiobook is filled with humor, excitement, and tenderness.  Lois McMaster Bujold's writing left me with the need to continue reading this series.

Available as an eAudiobook from OverDrive (Books 1-2) and Hoopla (Books 1-6)




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