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ReferenceUSA: Business information and much more

Fri, 10/30/2015 - 4:21pm -- Emily

Don't let the name deceive you.  ReferenceUSA is not a reference book about the United States.  It's a robust database of business information, plus residential and business phone numbers from around the country and much more.  Trying to contact classmates to plan a class reunion?  Try ReferenceUSA.  Are you looking for a job?  ReferenceUSA's U.S. Jobs/Internships module is for you.  Trying to find a doctor?  Use the U.S. Healthcare search.  Small business owners can use the U.S. Businesses, U.S. Consumers, and U.S. New Movers modules to better understand the competitive landscape and target consumers.  This is a very powerful database which is easy to search once you get the hang of it.  First time users should view the quick Take a Tour tutorials before beginning.  Of course, the reference librarians are happy to help you get acquainted with this resource.

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