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Mon, 04/20/2020 - 2:54pm -- Emily
Hanks. Not Brady.

UNCOMMON TYPE is a collection of short stories written by Tom Hanks.  While some may have a familiar ring:  the story about space (Apollo 13), the war story (Saving Private Ryan), an immigrant arriving in America (The Terminal) there is plenty of new material.  Not a fan of short stories typically, many of these characters were relatable and the stories rang true.  (Maybe not the time travel one, but it was a great concept.)  Tom Hanks reads the audio version as an added bonus.

That is a natural lead in to THE DUTCH HOUSE by Anne Patchett.  If you enjoyed Bel Canto or Commonwealth, you will be happy with this tale of a brother and sister, Danny and Maeve, as they are drawn back to their childhood home time and again.  The story weaves back and forth from their moving in to this lavish home outside Philadelphia to their never entering again after their father passes away and the stepmother inherits the home.  The relationships and growth of all the characters are told by none other than Tom Hanks on the audio book!  The author was completely thrilled with his work.  You will be too.

To complete this trifecta, watch A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD starring Tom Hanks.  It is the story of a jaded journalist sent to interview Fred Rogers.  The reporter cannot believe anyone can be as pure and kind as Mr. Rogers yet during their time together he discovers surprising truths about both of them.  96% approval by Rotten Tomatoes AND Tom Hanks, need I say more???

by Sue

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