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Novel Effect – A new dimension of reading.

Thu, 03/05/2020 - 9:11am -- Miss Carla

Same child, same book, different night. Sound familiar?  Kids love repetition and it is good!

Repeat picture books provide many benefits. 

1.       Boost a child’s vocabulary. We need to remember that kids are learning their language. Immersion through repetition is critical. The key to learning new words is being familiar with them.

2.      Boost Comprehension. As you read the same book, different aspects of the story will come to life. Kids will understand it at a much deeper level each time.

3.      Boost Phonemic Awareness.  Phonemic awareness is the understanding of how sounds come together to make words. By reading aloud, this awareness is strengthened and repetition continues to grow that awareness.

Read it again, a different way!

If you come to storytime with Miss Carla, you may be familiar with the app being used recently - Novel Effect. This is a free mobile app that responds to your voice as you read out loud. It follows you at your own pace entertaining you and the kiddos with sound effects, like a sneeze, animal sounds or theme music, that will bring the story to life.

The app has an extensive list of popular titles for babies to age 10+ and has a library of free downloadable ebooks. We are having fun with the sound effects in our Toddler 2s and Lunch Bunch programs.

If you have a reluctant reader, or you just need to change things up a bit, this might be the little something that makes your routine reading extra special.

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