Bedford Public Library

Bedford, New Hampshire

Yoga for Tots

Grownups and their little walkers and crawlers are welcome to join us for 45 minutes of yoga through dancing, singing and chanting! Little ones will strengthen and develop muscles, enjoy a social experience with other little ones, and bond with their caregiver during this fun, relaxed class. Bring a yoga mat if you like and be sure to wear comfortable clothing. This class is for children who are walking or crawling up to age 3.

Miss Grace, a Childlight Yoga certified librarian, will be leading yoga classes here at the library. Miss Grace has been teaching yoga classes for children aged 0-12 for over 2 years. Yoga classes for children bring mindfulness and body awareness to children in a relaxed and fun setting. Yoga helps teach relaxation, self-soothing techniques, focus and calm to young children, giving them useful tools wherever and whenever they have need. As a place of learning, the library offers a myriad of resources for its users of all ages and yoga is simply the newest addition.

Registration is required and begins February 11th.

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