Bedford Public Library

Bedford, New Hampshire

Community Knitting Project: Red Scarf Project Knitting Program

Join us as we work on a new community knitting project! We're going to knit red scarves for the Red Scarf Project, which is run by the nonprofit organization Foster Care to Success. They put together care packages for foster care youth who are in college. These students face an uphill battle in navigating university life with very little adult guidance and while essentially having to become an adult on their own at the same time, as they most likely have "aged out" of the foster care system in many states. Foster Care to Success aims to provide encouragement and to support these students in their new endeavors.

For this session, we'll get together and work on our scarves, and troubleshoot any issues that we've run into. We won't be teaching anyone how to knit, but we can provide help to novice knitters. Crocheters are also welcome!

We'll meet up again in a few weeks to fix any issues and make some time to work on our scarves. Scarves are due to Foster Care for Success by December 15th, so our deadline for donating scarves will be in early December. The scarves will be distributed in the students' Valentine's Day care packages.

You can participate in any or all of these events, or just knit on your own and donate when you've finished a scarf. Registration is required for the events. If you need more yarn, please let Caitlin know ahead of time.

To learn more about the Red Scarf Project parameters, click here.

To learn more about Foster Care to Success, click here.

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